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Christian Rigal - Feeble Talk - Ep. 2

Our boy Christian Rigal is next up for the the new RIDE US in depth interview series Feeble Talk and he talks about juggling riding and filming, upcoming projects, the decision to invest in camera gear, the resurrection of Rob Wise, and much more... Check  it out and look for Nathan Williams in next week's episode too!

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Christian Rigal - Still United Files

As you can imagine over 2 years of filming for a DVD means we collect a ton of footage, a lot which usually just disappears into the digital abyss. Not this time though. Over the next few weeks we'll be bring you a series of raw, unseen and behind the scenes clips from STILL UNITED every Wednesday from now until the end of March via DIG. Jeff Kocis was first up last week and this week we're bringing you all that mayhem that is Christian Rigal and some really wild leftovers.  As part of the release of our STILL UNITED FILES we're giving you a chance to download that full NORA CUP winning STILL UNITED DVD here for only $4.99 and watch today.

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Christian Rigal's Still United part live on DIG for 48hrs

Head over to DIG for an exclusive 48hr look at Christian's full part from Still United. If You haven't watched this already then prepare to be blown away. Hit this link to watch right now!  And don't forget you can watch the full video via digital download or buy the DVD here or at your local dealer. The full version includes a very special intro to Christian's section that you won't want miss!

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