Our aim with United warranty is to help you as the rider resolve any problem swiftly and efficiently. We understand that accidents can happen and part of our objective is to have all our customers back on their bikes as quickly as possible.
If you have a claim please make sure you provide us with the all the required information listed and read ALL the info below. 
Please contact info@unitedbikeco.com with proof of purchase and relevant information/photos of your problem.
By making sure you provide all the information requested we will be able to deal with your claim quickly and efficiently.
The following warranty policy applies to the original owner only, and to United hard goods only, it does not cover soft goods, plastic or rubber products (grips, tyres, seats etc). If you have experienced a problem with one of our products, please contact info@unitedbikeco.com as soon as possible.

For the period of 30 days from the purchase of one of our products, if a fault in the manufacturing is identified, we will replace it free of charge. A manufacturing defect is anything that is deemed to be incorrect with the product when purchasing it, we understand that sometimes it can take time to notice them, which is why we allow this 30 day period to contact us.
United will replace any aftermarket product that develops a break within one year of purchase, free of charge. This free replacement will be covered by the 30 day warranty against manufacturing faults only (Not the 1 year against breaks or goodwill upgrade replacement offer for a second time)
If you damage a United product while in use, you can purchase a replacement or upgrade at a ‘Goodwill Replacement’ price for the lifetime of that part. Any product that is purchased through our ‘Goodwill Replacement’ program will be covered by the 30 day warranty against manufacturing faults only (Not the 1 year against breaks or goodwill upgrade replacement offer for a second time)
United complete bikes are warranted to the original purchaser for the period of 6 months on the frame, fork & bars against breaks, and 3 months on all other components.
If any part of the bike is deemed to be defective or faulty within these periods, it will be replaced free of charge.
If we feel that the damage is caused by riding above and beyond the level of the capabilities of the rider, or particular model, we reserve the right to offer a goodwill upgrade only.
If the bike is assembled by anyone other than an authorised dealer, or professional bike mechanic, this warranty will be void.
Warranty can only be claimed if you are the original owner, and proof of purchase MUST be provided.
Any faulty goods must be returned to us for inspection & disposal by United.
Transportation cost, and labour are not covered by this limited warranty.
This warranty will not be effective if the damage is caused by improper use, or the product was not being used under normal riding conditions.
Normal riding conditions are defined as using the bike in a manner that is within your own capabilities.
This warranty does not cover damage to a product that is caused by an external force, or due to negligent use such as running into immovable objects, bailing or modification with improper tools.
This warranty will not be effective if the product has been structurally altered in anyway.
Bending, denting, stripping of threads is not covered by this warranty, as this can only be caused by rider error, or over abuse and punishment, which is not the fault of the product.
Only products brought from an authorised united dealer are covered by this warranty. 
Normal wears, accident abuse, neglect, improper assembly, improper maintenance by other than an authorised United dealer is not covered by this warranty.
Due to the nature of the finish on Translucent Paint/Clear Coat (Raw) and Chrome products Oxidation can occur. In likes that Oxidation does not compromise the strength or lifespan of a product it is not considered a defect and is not covered under this Warranty. If you feel that this will effect the decision of your purchase we would recommend a Solid Paint finish.
We reserve the right to offer to replace a damaged product with one that we feel is a more suitable replacement.
This warranty is made by United only, no person including the dealer is authorised to make an representation or warranty on behalf of United, and United assumes no responsibility thereof.
If you are experiencing any problems using this form, please contact warranty@unitedbikeco.com