Tom Deville just built up a fresh Alex Valentino Signature Autoportrait frame, laced it up with some of our finest parts and headed to the plaza to test it out! Find the list of parts below and hit any of the links to check them out in more detail!

Frame: United Autoportrait Alex Valentino Sig Frame 21" Pale Grey
Bars: Union Motorcade 9.2" x 28.5" Bar Black
Forks: United Dinero V2 Fork Gloss Black - Offset: 31.09mm
Grips: United Team Grips Black
Headset: Union Headset Black
Stem: United Precedence Top Load Stem 52mm Black
Seat: United Fat Stealth Pivotal Seat Black
Seat Post: United Stealth Pivotal Post 200mm Black
Cranks: United Severance Cranks Regular Bosses 175mm Flat Black
BB: United Supreme Mid BB 22mm Black
Chain: United Supreme Half link Chain Black
Pegs: United Metal Miki 4.5" Peg Black Oxide
Sprocket: United MDLCLS Sprocket & Guard 28T Black
Tyres: United x Union InDirect Tyre 20" x 2.35" Black Wall





Frame: United Incarnate V2 Gloss Raw
Forks: United Supreme V2 Forks
Bars: United Supreme 4PC Bars
Stem: United Miki Fleck Front Load Stem
Headset: United Supreme Headset
Cranks: United Severance Cranks
Sprocket: United MDLCLS Sprocket With Guard
BB: United Supreme Mid 22mm BB
Seat: United Fat Stealth Pivotal Seat
Seat Post: United Supreme Pivotal Seat Post
Front Hub: United Supreme Female Front Hub Polished
Front Tyre: United X Union InDirect Tyre 2.35"
Pegs: United Metal Miki Peg
Chain: United Supreme Half Link Chain Black