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Nathan Williams - Feeble Talk Episode 3

Stoked to see Nathan up next for this one. We don't need to tell you what a boss he is so here's all you need to know about this interview. "The one and only Nathan Williams joins us for Episode 3 of Feeble Talk...I was definitely hyped that Nathan trusted us enough to jump on the show (at this point none of them had come out) and bullshit for an hour or so. " - RIDE US3:50 Nathan Filming for X Games Real BMX8:10 The Etnies Video12:10 - Cinema Ressurgence15:22 Early/Recent Influences22:33 Skater Dad27:15 Near Death In Japan29:50 Being off Monster34:14 The Worst NORA Cup Acceptance Speech36:18 Behind the scenes of his Still United banger43:50 Instagram Questions55:53 What's up next

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Christian Rigal - Feeble Talk - Ep. 2

Our boy Christian Rigal is next up for the the new RIDE US in depth interview series Feeble Talk and he talks about juggling riding and filming, upcoming projects, the decision to invest in camera gear, the resurrection of Rob Wise, and much more... Check  it out and look for Nathan Williams in next week's episode too!

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