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Corey Martinez - 10 Years United

Loyalty is something that BMX could maybe do with a lot more of these days and we’re proud to say that two of the very best to ever do it, Corey Martinez and Nathan Williams have now been a part of United since day one, way back in 2006. To mark the end of their first decade with us we’re realising two compilation videos featuring highlights and memories of their United trips and video projects during that time. First up is Corey and and a burly selection of mayhem from Don’t Matter (2007), The Down Under Tour (2008), This is United (2009), The Great White North Tour (2011), Downtime (2011), High & Bound (2012), Buenos Dias Argentina (2012), Touring Japanese...

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Corey Martinez - Still United Files

As you can imagine over 2 years of filming for a DVD means we collect a ton of footage, a lot which usually just disappears into the digital abyss. Not this time though. Over the next few weeks we'll be bring you a series of raw, unseen and behind the scenes clips from STILL UNITED every Wednesday from now until the end of March via DIG.   This week we've got a ton of extras and raw goodness from the man who's been putting together the highest quality of video parts for probably longer than anyone out there, Corey Martinez. As part of the release of our STILL UNITED FILES we're giving you a chance to download that full NORA CUP winning STILL UNITED DVD here for only $4.99 and watch today.

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Corey Martinez - Cinema Video Part 2017

Stoked on this new one from Corey and Cinema. Here's what they had to say... "6 years of collective footage from 17 filmers. Half was filmed on Cinema trips over the years and the other half was filmed by all Corey's homies on his #travelingwithTNEZ adventures. Filmed in Nashville, Atlanta, NYC, Denver, Portland, Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Austin & Barcelona." 

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