Still United Digital Download Now Available

STILL UNITED is now available to buy or rent via digital Download and you can still pick up an actual DVD too. Check here for more info on you can start watch STILL UNITED today. 

Here's a few words from the BMX Media about their thoughts on the whole video if you still need convincing the top should see this epic piece of work.

“Trust me when I say that if you could only buy one DVD the whole year, Still United should be at the top of your list.” - Jeff Z, RIDE USA

“Nathan Williams gets the last part, and if it was the last part of BMX ever I’d still be happy. Is this the best video part I’ve ever seen? He literally makes a fool out of some of the world’s most legendary spots. Do yourself a favour and watch this DVD as soon as possible!” - RIDE UK

 “There’s no doubt in my head that Still United is the perfect representation of BMX today.” - Ryan Fudger, RIDE USA

We can honestly say that Still United is incredible and an instant classic. Christian Rigal hammers handrails like no one before in what surely must be one of the most unpredicted and memorable sections of recent times, and Still United will leave you in no doubt as why we chose the often overlooked Nathan Williams as our DIG ‘Rider Of The Year’.  - DIG BMX

“Still United is a behemoth of a video that will not be brushed to one side, even in the face of ever-depleting attention spans. The blood, sweat, and drive that went into making this video is potently visible. So, make sure your eyes and ears have their seat belts fastened, they’re in for a wild ride.”  - John Wells, - RIDE UK


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