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RE EDIT - Ken Matsumoto

The guys over at Zen have been flowing Ken Matsumoto with United for some time now and it has been a pleasure to have Ken on board. Times change and responsibilities often come in-between the freedom of just being able to ride. Ken has made the move to Tokyo to further his career and like many others the struggle to find the time to ride is difficult. With that being said we are given the joy of seeing some the Re-edit with footage from 2016-2018. This goes hard, and seriously well worth a watch! All the best to you Ken RE EDIT - Ken Matsumoto from TeamZEN on Vimeo.

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Christian Rigal Episode 5 - UNCLICKED

As many of you have now become aware, Dennis Enarson has been putting out a new series of podcasts under the name of UNCLICKED. Debuting with Chad Kerley and working his way through some heavy hitting names such as Connor Lodes and Mike Jonas ( If you don't know who these are then open up a google tab and get searching) and has now dropped his latest feature with our very own Christian Rigal. Sit back and hear how Christian went through BMX and pushed on to Mountain Bikes, the back ground on filming the entire Market video and later moving onto filming mountain bikes on a volcano. This is a very interesting podcast and well worth hitting the link!

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Jordan Okane - Air Jordan

Jordan Okane is a man who likes his spots big. Jordan went ape shit sending it in this video for his new Air Jordan bars, revisiting certain spots into the double figures just to avoid security.   Jordan teamed up with Oscar Daeche to get this done!    

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