Fernando Laczko - Incarnate build!

Fernando was in town and dropped into United HQ for a catch up before taking an evening dip and letting the hands fly.

Scroll down and have a closer look at what Fernando is riding! 

The new Incarnate is certainly making waves, be sure to grab yours.


Frame:  United Incarnate Smoked Trans Black

Forks: United Dinero 

Bars: Air Jordan 

Cranks: Nash Cranks 

Grips: Mike Hoder - S&M

Chain: United Supreme Half link

Chain ring: Martinez bash

Pegs: United Stealth 110m (New Graphics)

Wheels: United Supreme 


Seat: United Reborn FAT seat Tripod

Stem: United Supreme 

Tyres: United Direct 2.3 front and back

Pedals: Valentinos 



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