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DIG BMX X SNAKEBITE podcast with Mike "Rooftop" Escamilla

The latest DIG BMX X SNAKEBITE  sit down and talk BMX with the legend that is, Mike 'Rooftop' Escamilla! Hit play and hear about his early days, filming for his break out part in Dirty Deeds, the unspoken ’rules’ that crept into late 90's riding, what it takes to film a video part, and so much more! If you know Mike you know he speaks openly and this episode pulls no punches.   

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Mike Escamilla - 'Caveman' Edit

Stoked to finally release this new Caveman frame promo in conjunction with DIG from the legend that is Mike 'Rooftop' Escamilla. Over 20 years of heavy duty video parts and still going strong. Here's what he had to say. "We filmed this in 17 actual days over the past 3 months, in all of my years filming and riding I've never fought so hard against, weather, spots, schedules and injuries trying to film. I also never thought I would film a section again, so with that this is what we ended up with. It was fun to actually try and film again, so many great spots that most or nobody has ever seen. which finding them with the crew was truly the...

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