From being a stunt double in feature Hollywood films to riding vacant Hollywood pools, Mike 'Rooftop' Escamilla is living up his best life, and he's doing it all on his Signature United Caveman V2 Frame.

Mike spent almost every free second of the early 90's on his BMX, whether it was riding to school, home from school, in the streets, at the jumps; he was always on his BMX. When it came to designing his frame he wanted to pay homage to these years and do a throwback to this time and the fist bike he bought on his own in the 8th grade, the 91 Haro Sport.


2016 saw the first release of Rooftop's Signature United Caveman Frame, and in 2020 we dropped the V2 in all new graphics and colours. In this video Mike gives us the run down of his personal Caveman V2 setup, from the parts he's running to the history behind designing his frame, the inspiration for the graphics and why he wanted to have a bashguard. 

Click the link below to check it out now, and if you would like to see another run of these frames get in touch to let us know, who knows what is in store in the future....


  • ricobobe

    when will this frame be available?

  • Adam

    Rode “The Pit” in Whittier with him when we were kids. Watched him ride all over campus in high school. Would love to buy one of his frames to support him. He has the heart of a giant and just all around good guy. Proud of what Mike has accomplished so far. Wish him all the best.

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