With the weather still being reserved and in very much of a hit and miss state, the opportunity to get on the road has been some what of a trick. Never the less we make plans and persevere. See who's available and get it done. St. Neots being the destination of choice. The DIY spot that Kris Bunnage plays local to would be our refuge.
Myself, Freddie Househam and Darren Van Wyk ventured from the solitude of London up the M1 to meet MR OOH health himself Kris Bunnage. A nice meet and greet. With patchy showers on our commute we arrived to a soggy DIY. With some sweeping and a little tender care, we were good to go. It's great to see all these DIY spots becoming a more frequent feature across the country.
You've been busy!!
Local to the DIY getting things ready to ride
Left: Freddie with the rarely seen brake usage.
Right: Darren getting up in the rafters and scraping the elbow with this slightly pocketed wall ride.
Kris - Over crank on unforgiving territory 
Freddie avoiding baguette knees slander
You fall, you will bleed! Unforgiving ground....

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