The Miki Fleck Signature ZUIN Frame

If you don't know the name Miki Fleck by now then you've definitely been living under a rock. Arguably one of the most progressive street riders of today Miki's energy on and off the bike is unmatched! We knew that Miki deserved his own signature frame and that is how the "ZUIN" was born. Miki knew exactly what he wanted when it came to the geometries, keeping some features from the Incarnate V2 like Invest Cast Drop Outs with built in Chain Tensioners and Removeable Brake Mounts, but with a few tweaks like lengthening the Chain Stay to 13.25" Slammed and having a taller Stand Over of 9.3". This frame is ready for anything Miki puts it through.
Check out his promo video above and scroll to hear some words from Miki and see the frame in more detail. Click any of the images to head over to the site to get yours.
"Swing; it can be a golf shot, a Colombian dance, the meaning of a style in rap, or in this case the perfect word for my frame. The Zuin frame comes with a perfect geometry for being stable and lets you truly trust your bike. I like riding fast so I need a bike that keeps me stable when I’m going fast af. 

It is a perfect all rounder for riding everything (like you can see in my Zuin Promo). From the streets, to transitions in park and dirt, it’s ready for anything! It’s not that long and not too short, coming in at 13.25” slammed and can be pulled back to 13.5”. This means that there is less chance of you looping out when you land something big, and despite not being that short this frame still feels super comfortable when doing rotations. 

It comes in 4 top tube sizes, 20.5”, 20.75”, 21”, 21.25”. I ride the 21.25” because it gives me that extra little bit of stability, but that’s just my choice! I always love having a good looking bike, and this frame with a taller 9.3” stand over just looks right! 

As well as having invest cast drop outs for added strength if you like riding brakes it has removable brake mounts too, always thinking about every type of rider. There is also 3 colours to choose from; Black Chrome, Negrita, and Flat Raw.

I’ve got my Zuin on point, hope you have yours too!"
-Miki Fleck

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