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After two and a half years of travelling, riding and filming in ten different countries, we’re stoked to celebrate our 10th anniversary and present you with the trailer for STILL UNITED, our first full length project since the epic NORA cup winning THIS IS UNITED. With some serious long term commitment from everyone involved filmer/editor Peter Adam has put together an amazing piece of work with a raw, uncompromising, feel-good approach and way too many highlights to mention. Our crew are picky filming for a full-length and this one is all about quality over quantity. STILL UNITED features: Jeff Kocsis, Christian Rigal, Geoff Slattery, Corey Martinez, Alax Valentino, Nathan Wiliams. Plus: Jack Birtles, Harry Mills-Wakley, Sebastian Anton, Dan Boiski, Ian Morris, Jimmy Rushmore,...

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Fernando Laczko - En Busca Del Sol - Behind The Scenes

Find out what our boy Nando and his bro have been up to recently and look for their full En Busca De Sol edit next week. "Fernando Laczko and his brother Antonio have switched their home life between Spain and Germany most of their life and after spending a big chunk of 2015 in cold and wet Germany he was more than ready to fly back to Spain for some good times in the sun. Here's a quick look at what they got up to, tripping between Malaga, Ibiza, and Seville and look out for the full riding video dropping on DIGBMX.COM on Monday." - DIG Filmed and edited by Fernando Marmolejo

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Sebastian Anton and Fernando Laczko - Happy Days

Last summer our boys Fernando Laczko and Sebastian Anton spent four days in Glasgow, Scotland after The Street Series / BMX Day co-inciding with the end of our United Summer Holidays. Time was short but they bagged some gems for this one with Markus Wilke behind the lens for Freedom.  Happy Days mit Fernando Laczko und Sebastian Anton a BMX video by freedombmx

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