Nathan Williams - 10 Years United

Loyalty is something that BMX could maybe do with a lot more of these days and we’re proud to say that two of the very best to ever do it, Corey Martinez and Nathan Williams have now been a part of United since day one, way back in 2006. To mark the end of their first decade with us (and our first decade as a brand) we’ve released two compilation videos featuring highlights and memories of their United trips and video projects during that time. Corey's edit was first up (watch that here) and now it's a collection of pure savagery from the one and only Nathan Williams. We've mixed the old with the new in the timeline for this one because honestly, it's sometimes impossible to tell what was then and what's now. Nathan continues to be of the most progressive street riders of all time and he's never slowed down one little bit. Just watch and enjoy.

Huge thanks to Corey and Nathan for continuing to be a part of everything that we do. #10yearsunited

As part of #10yearsunited we have released this limited edition retro 2-tone colorway United REGION frame . Pick one here or at your local United dealer and watch out for the #10yearsunited compilation from Nathan Williams dropping soon too. 

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