Head over to our YouTube channel now to check out Kris Bunnage's latest edit 'EXERTION'. Filmed over the last couple of years by all the homies in between trips and weekend sessions, tap the link below to watch it now! 

"This video has been over two years in the making, I was riding with Embrey a lot and working on our joint project 'PARALLELS' last year alongside other bits in between. It's a product of natural trips with friends until I felt like it had the right balance of clip variety to be complete. Riding the Zuin frame for the past two years with a hint of inspiration from Miki helped me to put in a bit more pedal power and hopefully it shows, super pleased with this one!" - Kris Bunnage

Filmed by Joe Embrey, Harry Barrett, Harry Mills-Wakley, Tom Horton, Steve Corkett and Joe Tricker

Tap here to take a closer look at the Miki Fleck Signature Zuin Frame in more detail!

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