Jack Dumper - Crucial x United

We are seriously stoked on this. We have known Jack for some time now and have always had a great time hanging out. We thought it would make sense to add Jack to the team with the help of Crucial BMX shop (Jack's local)
Jack really shows pure heart with riding his bike, always smiling and always keeping it fun! 
"There's nothing much purer in BMX than a young talent thriving on the joys of bike riding, and that is only topped by determined minds such as Bristol, UK's Jack Dumper. Jack was born with one arm but has been determined to never let that impede him having fun. We've been watching this guy for a good few years now and his progression is unreal. Enjoy a short but sweet video with Crucial BMX / United rider Jack tearing up his local Campus Skatepark in Bristol." - DIG 
Head over to DIG for the full interview and photos.
Video - Emerson Morgan
Photo - Scott Summerhayes

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