Whether it's out in the mean streets of Bristol, on the pages of the most recent Ride UK BMX Magazine or at a competition like the Backyard Jam series, if you're from the UK then you've probably heard the name Jack Dumper at some point or had the pleasure or riding with him. Jack is a true inspiration when it comes to riding BMX, not only because he does everything he does on a bike with just one arm, but because he is one of the most determined and focused BMXers out there. 

Jack was born with one arm, but he has never let that hold him back from learning to ride to level he does today. Whenever we have met up with him he is always one of the first on and last off of his bike and he brings an energy with him that gets the whole session stoked. Jack has been riding for us through Crucial BMX Shop for a little over 2 years now and he still never fails to blow our minds, from slinging bar spins like nothing, to technical ledge combos he makes everything look so easy.

Click the link below to check out Jack's best trick from this weekend's Backyard Jam at Junction 4 Skatepark, and also check the video below for one of his last edits! 

Photos courtesy of Ride UK BMX / Joe Tricker

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