Essentials - Frasier Hill

Name: Fraz Hill
Age: 24
Location: Sheffield
Profession: Fiberoptic Engineer
 Why BMX? 
Because out of all the sports I’ve done it’s probably the only one I haven’t got bored of.
What is your favourite essential and why?
Apart from my bike it would probably be my camera because it’s a fun little side hobby that you can do whenever and wherever.
What is your favourite destination to ride and why?
Kind of typical to say it... But my favourite riding destination is Barcelona. There’s always something new to ride, obviously Damm lemon (Lemon Beer) and it’s always a laugh with the crew. 

If you could only keep one essential, what would it be and why?

I can’t single out one item but hydration is key so I’d choose my water bottle.
1. Bike
2. Waller BMX fleece
3. United crossbody bag
4. 5 panel hat 
5. Etnies (always comfy)
6. Water bottle 
7. 17mm socket with 6mm and 8mm attachment 3mm Allen key
8. United track pump and a tube 
9. Leica minilux zoom and some spare film 
10. Waller face mask 
11. Headphones 
12. Hand sanitizer because fuck covid
13. Hippie turtle muscle rub 
14. Ankle braces 

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