Episode #11 with Mike 'Rooftop' Escamilla

"On this episode I chat with professional bmxer, tv host, stuntman and entertainer Mike 'Rooftop' Escamilla. We talk about how he got involved with bmx, and how his style, in my opinion, changed the game. We also talk about how he flipped a helicopter on his bike for MTV, was a host on FUEL TV's 'Strangers In Danger' and movies he's appeared and acted in like 'Mall Cop'. We also talk about how he became a stuntman, and some of the stunts he's done for several Marvel Films plus other tv shows and movies. Also we talk about Uncharted Supply Co, a company he's involved with, also his love for parachuting and his own podcast 'Keep Bleeding'. Make sure to follow Mike, he's a perfect example to never limit yourself to doing just one thing in life, so listen now to his stories of how he lives a healthy PMA (positive mental attitude) lifestyle and his approach on continually accomplishing his dreams. Stay Rad." - Rick Thorne

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