Rooftop - Dirty Deeds Section

Stoked to see this old classic pop up on the Ride US site the other day. A defining video part for sure.

 "This was my first video part i ever had the pleasure of filming.We started filming summer of 1993. The first clip i filmed was the rail to barspin at the old Huntington Beach rails. Dave Parrick asked me to have a section in his new video. I spent every saturday for a year almost filming with him so if you know Dave that was a lot of waiting around hahaha.At the time there were only a few videos a year coming out. I was 13 when i did my first rail and i just assumed everyone did tricks off them so i started trying all sorts of stuff off the end.Little did i know there was really just me and the Homeless crew doing rail variations down rails so when this came out it had a lot of rail tricks no one had scene yet.some of the first or new at the time were rail to barspin,rail to no hander,rail to icepick,crooked grind,over grinds,gap to rails,rail to manuals,rail to hop over,some manual to ice picks & over ice grinds on skatepark rails,even almost pulled a double bar out of one as well,I have no idea why i didn't try more.Even had a few jump moves like toboggan to barspin.we also filmed enough ramp stuff for a whole part but it got left out and we kept it a street part mainly which i couldn't thank Dave Parrick enough for his judgement on that.This time in BMX was very different then it is now,BMX was "dead" and it was a time when a select few pioneered street riding to help shape it what it has become.I feel very lucky to have grown up riding in that time of bmx.It was a time of Gladiator ramp riders and visionary street riding... It was released in 1995 by Dave Parrick" - Mike Escamilla

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