Rooftop's Sound Mirror Mission

I'd decided to go to a wedding in Ireland and figured I'd stop by United in Hastings for a couple days on my way over to work on a project we have coming out end of the year (I'm really excited about with this one). I didn't bring a bike or pads or anything and figured it would be nice to just come hang for 2 days. When i got there I spotted a photo of Owain Clegg carving this massive capsule. I had seen the photo before on instagram and always planned to go there someday but i'd no idea where it was. Now I was stoked to find out that it wan't actually too far away me. After a day of pestering Ian (Morris) about going I finally convinced him we headed off. Surprisingly it was easy to find and after a short hike and water crossing later we were there. It was a lot bigger then i thought it would be... in fact it was massive, and although we could only really carve back and forth this little adventure was everything I love about BMX: exploring spots with your friends, having a laugh and ultimatley being stoked. Although the sun was in a horrible place for photos heres a couple we shot. It turned out to be just as rad as I ever imagined.  -Mike Escamilla #betheadventure

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