• United TRU Trail Frame Promo - Featuring Tyson Jones Peni

    Tyson Jones_peni gives you some insight into trails life OZ style in this promo video for our all new TRU trails frame.

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    United #WestOz

    Our Australian duo of Jack Birtles and Tyson Jones-Peni head out West on a good old fashioned BMX road trip adventure hitting a trail jam, parks and street along the way. This looked like such a good time.

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          • Tom Sanders x The Region Frame

            Tom Sanders rides United's brand new street-orientated Region frame at a selection of choice spots in London, UK and Madrid, Spain. Shot by Marv, Clarky & James Newrick. Motion graphics and edit by Coxie. 

            For more info on the United Region including the full specs, hit this link. 

            You can watch a short video on the Region graphics here too. 

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            • Meet Pinky

              Tom Sanders helped us with the direction of United's brand new street-orientated Region frame and as part of that process he hooked up with skate artist Pinky to inject something different into the style of the graphics. 

              For more info on the United Region you can check out the specs and see the promo video here.
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            • Jack Birtles: Left of Centre

              Australian United team rider Jack Birtles has a classic OG BMX outlook: free thinking, free spirited and free from bullshit. In this edit you'll learn a little more about Jack his home country, how he sees riding from both sides of the lens... and hopefully it'll also serve to remind us all to have a little more fun out there.

              Filmed & Edited by Kyle Jacobson
              Additional filming : Myles Belsham, Nathan Seely, Lucas Comino & Anton Ayres

              1. "Raincloud II by Rat Columns"
              2. "City Nights by TV Colours"
              3. "Milk & Melatonin by Technicolor Teeth"

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