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Christian Rigal - DIG Bike Check

DIG spent some time with Christian on the road during our last filming trip for STILL UNITED and put together this bike check over on their site. Did we tell you yet how heavy Christian's part is? You'll have to wait until early next year to check it out but we guarantee you will not be disappointed! Check out our United Rigal signature products here. Photos By Andrew White / DIGBMX

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United Tour De France - DIG 'In The Cut' Video

The filming trips for our full-length video project have been getting better and better and after our recent 'Tour De France' trip with a bunch of our young 'uns we had more than enough quality footage left over to cook up this raw cut in collaboration with DIG. #stillunited "Loading up a van with bikes and hitting the road with a (very) loose plan has been a staple in BMX since the beginning. For the latest United filming trip we did exactly that, driving from the South of England to the South of France picking up "The French Connexion" on the way. With kilometres covered, injuries sustained, new friends made, fields slept in and footage collected for "Still United", it...

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