Where To Buy United Product

To find the nearest United BMX dealers or distributors for the country in which you live, simply enter your country, town, city and zip or postal code below and hit search.

Alternatively, when you first visited this page a pop up window appeared asking you to ‘allow unitedbikeco.com to use your current location’ if you allowed this, you can just hit search and the map will automatically bring up dealers within a 50 mile radius to you in order of distance. Simply adjust the distance and search again if you need more or less results.

Please note, you MUST ALWAYS at least enter both your country and zip/post code in order for this to work correctly. If no locations are coming up, please try increasing the search distance, as this will then bring up the most relevant dealer or distributor for you.

More stores are being added daily, so if you are having any problems, then please visit our international distributors page and contact the distributor for the country in which you live, and they will point you in the direction of your closest stockist!

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48 Responses to Where To Buy United Product

  1. Hello family,

    I’m Ntando from Matatiele/Maluti, Eastern Cape South Africa.

    Firstly I’d like to say I L.O.V.E you bikes.. And secondly I would very much like to have them on sale on my store… So what I really would like to know is, how can that be possible? what do you guys need me to do?

  2. Hi i have been trying for a while to find the 2013 KL40 expert bike in shops but everywhere i look doesn’t seem to sell it and i was just wondering where i could buy it from.

  3. Hi I am after a mothership v2 21.25″ frame in gloss purple, where’s the nearest place I can purchase one from? I’m from uk, postcode ts18 5ju…regards leigh

    • Hi there, if you use the dealer locator and find a store near you, or look for online retailers in the country where you love this will bring up pricing for our product relevant to where you are!

  4. Hi – I live in Toronto ON. and I’m wondering where I could find your bikes? The location finder brings me to new york. Not sure if that’s the closest spot.

    • Hi,

      We don’t have a distributor in the Philippines at the moment but your closest dealer will be Primary bikes in Malaysia. Contact Details below;

      Primary Bike
      No 26 Jalan 5
      Taman Batu Caves
      Selangor, 68100
      Tel: 601 267 43035


  5. Hi i live in kingston, Jamaica . I would like to know where I can buy The United 2015 Martinez Expert freecoaster complete bike.

  6. hey there where can I find the nearest bike shop in south Australia that sell united. I live I Cleve, SA and was wondering if there’s anywhere closer than Adelaide.

  7. hello my name is jordan, im in Pau, France, and i want to buy your bikes, how do i get them? is there a shop located near my town? thanks.

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