Jimmy Rushmore

jimmy-rushmore-united-bmx-mugshot-1jimmy-rushmore-united-bmx-mugshotjimmy-rushmore-united-bmx-riding-1jimmy-rushmore-united-bmx-ridingJimmy Rushmore United BMX Bicycle Union Spain TripJimmy Rushmore United BMX MugshotJimmy Rushmore United BMX Crank Arm Grind590-united-bmx-jimmy-rushmore-pro-team3Jimmy Rushmore United BMX Table Hip Dan Benson Photo
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  • jimmy-rushmore-united-bmx-mugshot
  • jimmy-rushmore-united-bmx-riding-1
  • jimmy-rushmore-united-bmx-riding
  • Jimmy Rushmore United BMX Bicycle Union Spain Trip
  • Jimmy Rushmore United BMX Mugshot
  • Jimmy Rushmore United BMX Crank Arm Grind
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  • Jimmy Rushmore United BMX Table Hip Dan Benson Photo


Can you name the 10 original riders that were on United?
Kye Forte, Leo Forte, Corey Martinez, Ricky Feather, Ryan Metro, Ian Morris, Dean Hearne, Robin Fenlon?

Who appeared in our first ever print ad?
I’m gonna say Kye.

When did you first hear about/notice United?
I think 2006 but I could be wrong, memory is not my strong point!

What year did you start riding?

What first got you into riding?
There was a bomb hole about 5 minutes from my house where people used to ride and do mazzive flyouts. I was hooked as soon as I saw how much fun they were having!

Top 5 Riders when you started riding
Joe Rich, Gerry Galley, Stuart King, John Dye, Chris Stauffer.

Top 5 Riders now
Chase Hawk, Geoff Slattery, Scott Malyon, Nathan Williams, Matt Roe.

Top 5 People To Follow On Twitter


Top 3 Spots?
Epsom, Clissold Park, Rom.

Top 3 Movies?
Chopper, They Live, American History X.

Top 5 Websites?
YouTube, BMXMDB, Google.