Jared Chilko

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Can you name the 10 original riders that were on United?
Ian, Dean, Corey, Metro, Nathan, Kye, Leo, Robin Fenlon, Theo Simpson, and Ricky Feather? I really hope I’m not missing anyone.

Who appeared in our first ever print ad?

When did you first hear about/notice United?
When I got a free copy of “Don’t Matter” with my Ride UK Subscription. That was pretty damn awesome!

What year did you start riding?

What first got you into riding?
I used to skateboard a lot before I got into riding street/skateparks on a BMX bike. Hitting up spots on my board eventually evolved into doing the same shit on my bike and I just started having more fun riding BMX. I was also fortunate enough to live in city with a strong BMX scene and it was really motivating to see older guys killing it.

Top 5 Riders when you started riding
Mike Aitken, Steven Hamilton, Kevin Porter, Corey Martinez, Taj

Top 5 Riders now
Mike Aitken, Steven Hamilton, Kevin Porter, Corey Martinez, Ben Hittle

Top 5 People To Follow On Twitter
None, I really need to get on this Twitter thing.

Top 3 Spots?
Brick transitions in Paris, Callingwood Plaza and Vancouver Street

Top 3 Movies?
Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, O.G Texas Chainsaw

Top 5 Websites?
Embassy, The Come Up, Instagram, Tumblr, SOH4.net