Harry Mills-Wakley

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Can you name the 10 original riders that were on United?
Theo Simpson, Robin Fenlon, Kye & Leo Forte, Caleb Kilby, Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Ricky Feather, Ryan Metro.  I only have 9 !! 

Who appeared in our first ever print ad?
Um not too sure, going to guess Corey Martinez or Kye Forte. 

When did you first hear about/notice United?
I knew a little bit about United when Don’t Matter came out. But when their Down Under Tour came out on DVD that what’s caught my eye 

What year did you start riding?

What first got you into riding?
I’ve have always had road bikes, I use to race motocross and I guess that’s what got me into bmx. 

Top 5 Riders when you started riding?
Every Exeter rider, Chase Hawk, Ruben Alcantara, Dakota Roche and Mike Aitken 

Top 5 Riders now?
Nathan Williams, Mike Aitken, Alex Kennedy, Simone Barraco and Dakota Roche 

Top 5 People To Follow On Twitter?
@noddybeard @Madtouch @JamieSkinner09 @4DownDistro @thecomeup 

Top 3 Spots?
Barcelona sea wall, Unit 23 and Liverpool street. 

Top 3 Movies?
American Gangster, Apocalypto, Goodfellas. 

Top 5 Websites?
Thecomeup, Flickr, RideUK, Mpora.com/motocross, United

(Thanks to Fooman for the sequences)