Fernando Laczko

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Can you name the 10 original riders that were on United?
I know only the riders that are now on United: Nathan , Corey, Alex Valentino, Dan Boiski, etc.

Who appeared in our first ever print ad?
Ashley Charles? Or Corey?

When did you first hear about/notice United?
When Corey and Nathan came to Malaga for film for the dvd (2009?)

What year did you start riding?
2007 I started to ride every day.

What first got you into riding?
My mum haha

Top 5 Riders when you started riding
Bruno Hoffmann and then Ruben and his friends in Malaga.

Top 5 Riders now
Nathan Williams, Bruno Hoffmann, Simone Barraco, AK, Lacey

Top 5 People To Follow On Twitter
@catfishcatfish @thecomeup @united_bmx @RIDEBMX @DIGBMX

Top 3 Spots?
All the street in Malaga

Top 3 Movies?
Hangover in las vegas

Top 5 Websites?
www.thecomeupbmx.net, www.freedombmx.de, www.vitalbmx.com, www.arteargobmx, www.vimeo.com