Corey Martinez

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  • Corey Martinez BMX James Hardy Skateboard
  • Corey Martinez BMX Mugshot Photo
  • Corey Martinez BMX Wallride
  • Corey Martinez BMX Mugshot Photo New
  • Corey Martinez BMX Toboggan Over Rail
  • Corey Martinez BMX Mugshot
  • Corey Martinez BMX Up Rail To Oppo Tailwhip Andrew White
  • Corey Martinez Photo Gap To Ice Andrew White
  • Corey Martinez BMX Mugshot Photo Full


What first got you into riding?
Kids in my neighborhood riding ditches a block over from the house.

Out of all your video parts, web edits etc, do you have a favourite clip ever?
YEP! My favorite clip would have to be the one at the beginning of my my RIDE Bmx part, where I am romping and roaring around in my Ford Explorer! It makes me smile everytime I see it haha.

What’s an average day in the life of Corey Martinez like?
I like to drink a glass of water right away to start my day off. Feed the kids (dogs). Eat breakfast with the wife. Figure out what house projects I should attempt to finish haha. Red Bull. Go for a ride. Come home, eat dinner and play with the kids in the yard. Watch a movie or show with the wife.

If you had to choose one spot to ride for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
I’d build a flat rail and a grind box! It’s all one needs to have a good time on a bike!

What’s the best thing about where you currently live?
It has a little bit of everything to keep me busy. Hard to get bored.

What’s the worst thing about where you currently live?
Knowing the potential this place has to be awesome for a riding scene, and not being able to make anything happen.

What was the first contest you rode in, and where did you place?
Man, not sure of the very first one, but one of the first I can for sure remember is a Jinx Contest in Nashville at XXX sports. I rode the amateur King of Box comp and won haha!! Ryan Nyquist was there also!

What was your bike set up and clothing of choice at the time?
HAHAHA… All black clothes and bike, 3 pegs and a gyro, can’t leave out the long goatee.

What is your favourite and least favourite BMX related fad?
Favorite would be brakeless bikes, least favorite would be 28 inch wide bars.

If you could be ‘pro’ in any other sport what would it be and why?
Drag racing and drifting cars. Being able to drive crazy fast cars would be so fun!!

Do you have any specific rituals or things you do before doing tricks / things you are scared of?
I kinda adjust my clothes and hat some reason haha.  Always a little prayer too!

What was the scariest thing you ever done on your bike?
There is not just one thing that stands out. Shoot, most of the time when I want to try something new that’s been on my mind for a while, its scary for me haha.

Outside of BMX, what is your favourite way to waste time?
Finishing up a house project of some sort.

Favorite Vehicle?
Ford Mustang.

Top 5 Riders?
Wow this is always hard… Seth Kimbrough, Nathan Williams, Garrett Reynolds, Josh Harrington, Dakota Roche.

Top 5 People To Follow On Twitter?
Brian Kachinsky (@bkachinsky) for all the pun jokes. Robin Fenlon (@robinfenlon) to see what rental car he will be driving next. Nigel Sylvester (@NigelSylvester) to see whats the freshest thing on the market is. Nathan Williams (@United_Nathan) to find out if he missed his flight again. Ryan Fudger (@fyanrudger) to catch the latest on bmx, non bmx and Cali life.

Top 3 Spots?
Etnies TF, Blue ledge school in Cali, Slopes in Bama

Top 3 Movies?
Gone in 60 Seconds, Green Mile, Dumb and Dumber

Top 5 Websites?
I don’t really spend much time surfing the web these days, mostly on my phone for all the updates. Facebook app, Twitter app, Instagram app, Netflix app, The Weather Channel app.