This Is United Dvd & 56 Page Book

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This Is United. Filmed from October 2008 – June 2010 on location in England, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, South Africa, Australia, USA (way too many times) & Hawaii (technically not a country, but a location none the less)

In the beginning of 2008 (whilst on the down under tour) we all spoke about working on a full length team dvd, but due to everyone’s commitments we couldn’t get going till towards the end of the year.

This video follows what feels like a never ending journey and showcases the lengths and hard work put in by everyone involved. Watching people push themselves and their bodies day and night made the whole project feel more like an endurance challenge sometimes, and on more than one occasion we questioned why we decided to do this.

Now, right at the end, being able to look back on it, all those hard times are forgotten and only the best memories remain.

‘With this video done Ian, what are we going to do now then?’ Nathan Williams, June 2010

Winner of 2010 Nora Cup ‘Video of the year’ & ‘Video part of the year (Corey Martinez)

Corey Martinez
Nathan Williams
Kye Forte
Ashley Charles
Ian Morris
Alex Valentino
Jimmy Rushmore
Ryan Metro
Leo Forte
Geoff Slattery
Main feature running time: 45 minutes
Plus over 30 minuted of bonus features and extras