Beacon Pivotal Seat

  • united_beacon_seat_blk
  • united_beacon_piv_mid_brown
  • united_beacon_seat_grey_side
  • united_beacon_seat_kevlar_blk_red_side
  • united_beacon_seat_blk_side
  • united_beacon_seat_close
  • united_beacon_seat_kevlar_blk_red_front

Corey Martinez signature Pivotal United Beacon seat. Not so fat that it looks like you strapped an old busted couch to your seat post, just the right amount of padding here to keep it looking sweet, and make them bars fly around with ease.

Uses pivotal technology
Tear resistant microfibre kevlar material
Medium thickness padding
United pivotal patch
Hollow cromo bolt
Embossed Beacon logo
9.7 oz / 276 g
Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Grey, Black/Red Kevlar, Brown Faux Leather