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Read this page for full info, and contact us via that with any problems or questions.

If you feel the issue on your product is something that can be claimed under warranty, then please Read this page for full info, and contact us with the information we require. If it is a technical question that is not answered on the corresponding products page on the site, or something about general maintenance, contact us here.

Unfortunately no. If you are interested in a United product, the best thing to do is visit the dealer locator page on our site, and put in your postcode and country. This will either bring up a list of stores that are near you, or the distributor for the country in which you live. If you are still having trouble locating a particular product, contact the distributor for the country in which you live and they will be able to assist you.

The fastest way to find our current pricing on any United product is to contact your local bike shop or the contact the distributor for the country in which you live.

Our product pages have a comprehensive list of every weight, spec and fine detail on all of our products, if you have something that is not covered on the product page of what you are interested in then please contact us.

The best way to get hold of United stickers is to contact the distributor for the country which you live, and they will be able to help you. Some send them out free of charge, some don’t!

We like to get to know people first before putting them on any of the teams, whether it is flow or pro, it helps keep our teams family vibe going.

So although we don’t necessarily sponsor based on e-mails or sponsor videos a lot of the time, we always like to check them out to get to know and see the rider a little first. Some of the first steps with regards to sponsorship are getting hooked up through your local bike shop, then possibly a distributor and all this can then lead to a spot on the main team.

We do a lot of travelling and it normally happens where we meet people out there, or get recommendations from our other riders, and that is usually the first steps to getting involved with our team.

Best thing to do is keep on riding, having fun, then hopefully one day something works out, but yeah keep getting out there and enjoying yourself is the key.

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  1. Hi, This is Hunters friend Noah. hunter has been biking for about a year his skills progress quickly, and he very much enjoys biking. He is 13 years old and his favorite biking terrain is bowl biking. He is also good at street biking.I have been taking pictures and videos lately of Hunter biking. I want to help him get a small sponsership. We are planning on making him a sponser me video. At the moment hunter rides a Untied recurit R3, he has gusset pimp tires and a LA Casa back rim and hub. He has hutch bars, fit grips, And e’clat pedals any parts not listed we do not know what kind of parts they are or they came with the bike. Unfortunately the frame has snapped and and had to be welded and the bars and forks are badly bent. If you reply with a ok we will send a video and send it in to see if you like his stuff.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this,
    Sincerely, Noah Winchester and Hunter Livingstone

    • Hey Noah,

      Cool, thanks for getting in touch and sending some info about Noah.

      Unfortunately at the moment our team is pretty full and we are not really looking for anymore riders. We also like to get to know people first before putting them on any of the teams, whether it is flow or pro, it helps keep our teams family vibe going.

      So although we don’t necessarily sponsor based on e-mails or sponsor videos a lot of the time, we always like to check them out to get to know and see the rider a little first. Some of the first steps with regards to sponsorship are getting hooked up through your local bike shop, then possibly a distributor and all this can then lead to a spot on the main team.

      We do a lot of travelling and it normally happens where we meet people out there, or get recommendations from our other riders, and that is usually the first steps to getting involved with our team.

      Best thing to do is keep on riding, having fun, then hopefully one day something works out, but yeah keep getting out there and enjoying yourself is the key.

      Speak soon,

  2. I have a quick question about your frame specs, in particular the voyage.

    Do you ‘scale up’ the rear end on the 21″ version or is it still the same 13.5″??


  3. Can the Super 8 Spline Drive Sprocket be used LHD on the Nathan Williams Nash Cranks?

    Also is there anywhere where the 30t Super 8 Spline Drive Sprocket can be purchased in a polished colour?

  4. Hi guys.
    I seem to have missed my chance to buy a United coffee mug. Do you have any in guesses on where I might find one in stock? I’m in the States.


  5. What bikes it better? 2013 supreme 18 or 2014 supreme 18? Maybe obviously 2014 because It’s newer but just to make sure.

  6. Hi, I was just wondering what the main differences are between the rigal frame and the mothership frame and which one is stronger?

  7. I was wondering if I dinted my mothership v2, would I be able to get it on warranty or does it have to be cracked?

  8. Hey last week I bought united dinero forks and the stokers have bubbles in them could I get some new ones I only ask because the forks are brand new

  9. My left peddle is stuck and won’t turn. I tried putting WD40 and all purpose oil on it and it still hasn’t loosen…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…thx Sal

  10. What is the head tube length on a mothership v2?, i was going to buy one to replace the frame on my verde luxe complete, but im not sure if the head tube lengths are the same or not, so i know whether i need to get new forks or not

  11. Hi there, I am looking at buying a United frame but couldn’t find any details on the country of manufacture/place of production? Is there any info on this?

    • Hi there,

      Yes it will fit other brands cranks that use a 22mm 48 spline spindle on them! so Animal, Fly etc. as long as their spindles are made with a long enough splined section to accept this.

  12. Hi i just received my brand new kl 40 expert united and i plan on putting on a new chain and sprocket but my chain wont come off, either its too tight or just there might be something that’s holding the hub in place as i can see on the dinero frames so please help me out and i hope i described it helpfully, thanks guys

    • Hi there, If you are unsure of how to get the chain off i would recommend taking the bike to a local bike shop. All you should need to do is loosen the wheel, pop the chain off and use a chain tool to break the chain.

      As i mention, if you are unsure please have a local bike shop look at it otherwise you might cause damage to the bike!

  13. Hey I bought united diners forks recently and it seems one dropout has abit of a lip and I can’t get my axle in. What can I do ?

    • Hi there, sorry to hear that, please contact the shop where you bought the forks and they will be able to look at them and if there is an issue replace them.

      If you have any problems please contact us via the warranty page of our website and we will look into it further.

  14. Hi,

    Bit of a long shot but I don’t suppose you know where I could get hold of the removable cable guide for a 2011 Supreme SU2. I’ve since lost mine, ordered the replacement brake mounts but the cable guide isn’t the same. Too scared to ride dirt brakeless! :)

    Thanks in advance.

  15. hello i have a bike i bought off craigslist here in austin that has U forks on it…i need specs but don’t know if the specs of the U fork is same as V2?

    thanks Todd

  16. Dear United BMX,

    Is there any way to get hold of the decals for a United K40 frame in blue? i.e the decals/stickers that come on the frame when new? I am looking to re-spray my frame and it would be great to apply the original decals again.
    Many thanks,


  17. Hey united, I’m currently running a 2013 su3 and am looking for hub gaurds to fit my bike. I know the squad rear hub gaurd is an option, but I’m also looking for front guards too. Could you please lead me into any direction about gaurds compatible with my Su3?

    Thanks united, much appreciated

    ~ Adam

  18. We are throwing our second brett banasiewicz jam to help him and his family pay for his pile of medical bills. what better way to do that, then get a bunch of friends and fans together for a jam, some food, and tons of riding. I was wondering if you would be interested in sponsoring our jam?? i can send our flyer

  19. Hi,

    I wanted to ask if the NATHAN WILLIAMS NASH CRANKS have a spindle that is long enough to fit a 73mm Euro BB? Not only 68mm.
    Thank you,


  20. Hi, I recently had my bike stolen whilst I was at work going to get another united of course.. Been looking at the KL40 2014 But I was wondering if you guys know any decent insurer’s and vest ways to lock my bike up when have to.. I’m currently living in Leicester as a student, any help would be much appreciated!

    Richard S

    • Hi Richard, as for insurance, i am not sure, but with locks, all locks can be broken, but if you go with a really good quality D-Lock, such as a Kryptonite (the more expensive ones with the orange plastic) they are usually a little harder to get into! good luck with the new bike

  21. Hello,
    I just wanted to ask when the United Mothership V2 comes out in the new colorways (raw, orange, black) and when would it be available in Germany?
    Thanks and have a nice day.

    Best wishes


  22. hello i am wishing to get a decent bmx bike that i can roll around on. nothing too fancy, just needs to be able to hop up curbs and down steps. only thing i really need is something rust resistant and fairly light. I’m in yokosuka japan on the naval base, its humid and its salty. i might as well just live underwater. if you could help me out with some suggestions that would be great. i am 22 Y\O ,160 lbs, and 69in.

  23. Hi,

    Recently just bought the United Metro spline drive sprocket which is sweet, just wondering if it will work with the nash cranks RHD at all?I really like the look of them but does the spindle only fit one crank arm? I understand the mechanism in the sense that only one side splines are available at any one time for a spline drive sprocket but can the spindle be put in the left crank arm rather than the right?

    Hope that makes sense!


    • Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for the support! no the spline drive sprocket can only be run LHD on the Nash cranks, as these use a 2 pc design, so the the right hand arm sits on a larger 23.8mm diameter section of the spindle!

  24. Hey, could you tell me what’s the spoke sizes on the United Supreme Cassette Rear 2013 Wheel and the United Supreme Front 2013 Wheel ?

    Thank you.

  25. Hello,

    I wanted to see if the Dinero had heat treated head tube, bb & dropouts? I didn’t see this listed on the product page. Also when will the Military Green be available in the US?

    Thanks for your time in responding!


  26. hello i brought a united supreme su2 2013 in december and i was riding and my bolt snapped in to my 8 spline i got it out of my 8spline but now i can not find a place that sell them.Do you know where i could get one or do the united shop have are for sale

    thanks from ryan

  27. What is the Chain Line when a United Supreme Bottom Bracket, Nathan Williams Nash Cranks, and Metro Spline Drive Sprocket are used together?

    I plan to install these on my Kona Downside frame, but need to check chainline. I couldn’t find chainline information on your pages.

      • What are the minimum and maximum chainlines when the United Supreme Bottom Bracket, Nathan Williams Nash Cranks, and Metro Spline Drive Sprocket are used together?

        Alternately, what is the center-to-right-face dimension of the United Supreme Bottom Bracket, the thickness of the Metro Spline Drive Sprocket ( assuming that the chain is positioned in the center, not inner or outer edge), and the length of the spindle on the Metro Spline Drive Sprocket? Also how much of the spindle is required for the arms and bolts?

        I need to choose a rear hub and cog which are compatible with the chainline range of the sprocket/crank/bb. Otherwise, spacers won’t help.

        Your Nash cranks look awesome, obviously well-engineered, and also the lightest. Spline drive sprocket is also a cool idea. Look forward to using them.

        Thanks for your help.

        • Hi Dave, what type of bike are you putting these cranks on??

          The bottom bracket comes with multiple spacers to allow you to adjust and create the perfect chain line on your particular set up, and it has a 44mm and 50mm centre spacer supplied. The metro sprocket is 8mm thick with centre aligned teeth. The Nash cranks are now supplied with a 150mm wide axle which make it work fine with a standard 74mm bb width on a BMX. Hope this helps!

  28. Hi,
    Which bike would you recommend for my son? The United Recruit RN18 or the United Recruit RNJR. He a beginner,age 8, and is 4’6″.


    • Hi Gerry, I would be inclined to say go for the RNJR, with his height and age this would be better for him as he grows etc, the 18 would be good, but he is likely to grow out of it pretty soon! and with the JR as he grows he can upgrade some parts to make it suit his size rather than the need for a whole new bike. Hope this helps.

  29. Hi,

    I was really looking forward to building a bike based on the United Mothership frame 21″ TT in White. Its seems to be nearly impossible to find it in white anymore. Do you know of any that are still being sold? Thanks.

    • Hi there, it depends on your height, we give a height guideline on the Supreme 18″ page, but at a guess i would say a full size 20″ bike like the Supreme or Recruit would be better.

  30. Hi there,
    I have just ordered an orange Martinez Expert through your dealer Ghost Racing in Vlijtingen (Belgium).
    I was told that this bike will not be available until February 2014.
    Can anything be done to expedite delivery?

    • Hey Stefan, This would be when the next production run will be available through the distributor. The only way to get one quicker would be if another store has them available, which you can check on our where to buy page, or with the distributor in Belgium which is rock n roll, thanks for the support.

      • That was my first thought as well. Regrettably, only one Belgian dealer of United bmx bikes bothered to reply. That kind of narrows down the options.
        I guess my kid will just have to wait until February. I hope it will be worth the wait.

  31. Hey, I was just wondering if you could send me some of the 22mm mid value spacers in black? I’d be willing to pay a couple of quid for them?

  32. My son Tyler Bush is 11 years old is a good rider for his age. We live out in Corona, California. While he has been through many bikes he is really excited about your new 18 Supreme. It’s not often that you find a stock bike that not only comes in at under 23 pounds put has good parts. We will be sure to post some pictures and videos of him riding his new Supreme on your FB site and will provide feedback on the bike as well. We will also spread the word about United and specifically this bike as we haven’t seen any kids out here with a United bike before. If you can spare a T shirt and some stickers that would be awesome.

    Here are 2 clips of him so you can see what kind of rider he is.

  33. Hi, I wonder if you can help?

    My Son wants a BMX bike for Christmas, and I have been looking around, and United bikes seem to have an excellent reputation, and have a good balance of quality and price.
    However – he is pretty set on a black bike with blue wheels and details (stem, grips, etc)…… your 2014 United x Etnies Recruit fits the bill perfectly except the 20″ top tube probably makes the bike too big for him. He would be better suited with the Recruit Junior, but the colour scheme doesn’t appeal to him at all.
    I wondered if there was an option to have a bike “built”, using the Junior frame, but the blue Etnies Recruit coloured components?

    Hopefully you can find time to read this mail and maybe send me a reply/

    Many Thanks,


    • Hi Martyn,

      glad to hear your son is interested in a United, sorry we cannot do custom builds like that unfortunately, the only thing i can suggest is going for the bike that is the best size for him an upgrading the parts over time for colours!

  34. I was thinking about buying the corey martinez pro complete 2014 and i ride pegs so i was wondering if you guys could tell me which hubguards fit the bike because i dont have a clue?

  35. Hi guys,

    My name is Steven. I make websites for bike shops including United BMX dealers. I’m looking for some additional information about United BMX products including prices and part numbers, would you be able to help me out?

    If you can get me any of this information, that would be great:

    •Hi-Res Images
    •Retail prices (High and low MSRP/MAPPs)
    •Part numbers and UPCs

    Your dealers will be stoked.


  36. hey united I have a 2013 su1 frame and I was wondering will demo 2.35 tires fit? I have just ordered them and im really worried they wont

    • Hey man, they should be fine on there, with bigger tyres they are close on all frames, it is part of the drawback to running such big tyres in the rear, just need to make sure you keep yur wheels straight!

  37. Please Help!!!!!! I am trying to locate an eighteen inch United Supreme for my daughter in time for Christmas.
    Ordered one from Dans Comp and got a call today saying they cant get the bike until february. My Daughter is eight years old and rides at the local skatepark and this will be her first “serious” bike. We spent hours online trying to find the perfect bike and we chose this one due to its relatively low weight, components and quality. Please help. Thanks.

    • Hi there,

      Sorry to hear that! Dans Comp would have been the last people to have that bike in stock for before Christmas and we are completely sold out, apologies for this.

  38. bonjour
    j’ai acheté pour mon fils un bmx UNiTED SU3 2012 et son driver de roue arriere est HS .
    Pouvez vous me dire quel marque et modele peut le remplacer ?
    merci de votre reponse .

  39. Hey guys, I know you don’t really pick people up threw emails but I’ve always wanted to be a part of united so I was wondering if this could be possible via your flow team? I just really like how clean your parts are and you have a also team to back up your brand I just wanna be part of somthing I support not just some dead end company that I’ve never ever looked at haha.

    Here’s a edit from a few nights ago this was filmed in about 35 minutes just having a good time at a local indoor park

    Hopefully you guys like it please get back to me?! I’d be very thankful to hear from you.

    • Hey Kyle, some sweet riding in there, that slam at the beginning looked harsh!

      Unfortunately at the moment our team is pretty full and we are not really looking for anymore riders. We also like to get to know people first before putting them on any of the teams, whether it is flow or pro, it helps keep our teams family vibe going.

      So although we don’t necessarily sponsor based on e-mails or sponsor videos a lot of the time, we always like to check them out to get to know and see the rider a little first. Some of the first steps with regards to sponsorship are getting hooked up through your local bike shop, then possibly a distributor and all this can then lead to a spot on the main team.

      We do a lot of travelling and it normally happens where we meet people out there, or get recommendations from our other riders, and that is usually the first steps to getting involved with our team.

      Best thing to do is keep on riding, having fun, then hopefully one day something works out, but yeah keep getting out there and enjoying yourself is the key.

  40. I lost my brake mounts to my 2013 kl40 expert bike and i am not sure what brake mounts to buy? Could you guys help me out please?

    • Hi there, If you are unsure on how to use it, we would recommend having a bike shop mechanic show, or do it for you so that you don’t cause any problems with the crank set. Basically, the removal tool has two parts, a threaded section with a hexagon end, and then a washer. When installing the cranks you use the washer that will sit inside the arm and when you tighten down on the ends this will push the arm onto the spindle. To remove, you screw the threaded parts into the spindle instead of the spindle bolt, and without the washer on there. You then hit the end of the removal tool to loosen the arms until the arm is loose. Hope this helps!

  41. Do the united replacement 990 thread in style brake mounts work on the united kl40 expert 2013 bike? I’ve asked bike shops and the really don’t anything. Could you help me out I’m wanting to put my brakes back on but i don’t have the mounts.

    • Hi Luke, the brake mounts themselves work yes, they are the same style, the cable guides on this model year are slightly different though, so you would need to contact the distributor for the country in which you live and they should be able to help you out with these parts if you have lost them.

  42. I recently bought the 2014 United Kl40 and when I was putting my pegs on ( Demolition Dumbchuck V3 ) I noticed that the right front side has a very short axel and I was wondering if you have any suggestions?

    • Hi there, it should be long enough for using a peg, however the KL40 range is more geared towards jumping/park/trail riding. Just make sure you don’t have any extra washers on the axle so the wheel nut can sit all the way on there.

  43. I am a high school teacher in Ontario, canada. I have a student who is obsessed with your industry yet has no idea how to become involved in it as a career. Is there anyone who would be willing to talk to him about this? He is an amazing kid, just lacks some direction.

    • Hi there, Usually starting at jobs at local bike shops etc is key, learning about how things work from the ground up is a good start. This will show someone an all around view on many aspects of the industry as a good base to learn from.

  44. hey i wanted to know a couple things. i have a united kl40 trans red 2013 expert fully custom high end parts and i noticed its not in stock at alot of places online and in stores. i was just wondering if you guys could give me an esitmate of what it is worth in future and now 2014 thank you.

  45. I want to change the size of the driver on the rear wheel of a KL40 Pro, do United make a larger driver? or will a different brands driver fit?

    • Hi there, Right now all that is available for that hub is the 9t driver, drivers are pretty hub specific and have tiny tolerances for spacing, so to my knowledge no other drivers fit.

  46. I own a 2013 supreme su1 and was just wondering if the rear hub could be switched from rhd to lhd because i know theres a tutorial for the su3 but internals just arent the same in the su1s hub. If it is possible could you explain it in detail or provide a link to a video

  47. Hey united,
    I was wondering if the Gsport gland hub guard will work with the united dinero forks,
    Since the dropouts on the forks are centered on the fork tubes, will the Gsport gland guards rub against the forks since the tubes on the forks will be closer to the spokes.
    Thanks dudes, please help me out if you can. I’ve already bought the forks but just wondering if I should go for the gland guards.


    Also love my rigal frame, finally a frame that isn’t fussed on weight but about being tuff as shit.

    • Hey Mitchell,

      Thanks for buying United products! The G-Sport GLAND does rub slightly on the Dinero forks as they are closer. We have seen people use the Eclat front hub guards, S&M Cymbal front guards also work, and ANML also work, but need a little modification. I hope this helps a little, let me know if you need anything else. We are working on a v2 version of the Dinero forks that covers these issues due to the increase in how popular front guards are now!

  48. hey I’m currently in the process of building up a dinero frame with a bunch of united goodies and when i brought my metro sprocket it only went onto the left hand side of the nash cranks i have and i was wondering if it should of came with a different spacer for it to be suited to RHD? Thanks

    • Hi there, is it a spline drive sprocket?? if so, this only works on the left hand side of the frame, for right hand drive you just need a standard metro sprocket, this should have been explained to you when buying the product? let me know if you need any more help, and send us a photo of the bike when it is built, sounds like it will look good!

  49. What top tube size do you suggest for an 11-yr old, about 5’1″ tall?
    Currently he’s on an RN-1, which I think is 20.25″.

    • Hi there, The bike he is on is a pretty good match for his size, for this height we would recommend from a 20 to a 20.25″ top tube, unless he is growing fast then a 20.5″ at a push might be a little big at first, but would last longer.

  50. I got your 2012 su3 complete bike, I know that in the description u guys put the rims down as cinema 777′s (which are a welded joint) and for a long time I’ve been wondering, is the 2012 su3 front rim a welded joint? Cause it really looks like a pinned joint…..(I really just wanna know)

  51. Hi, im thinking about getting the dinero frame and forks in black on the frame the stickers are yellow are the stickers on the forks still yellow, because on other pictures i have seen the stickers on the forks have been different colours e.g. grey

  52. Hello,

    Just wondering if you may have any stock left of the KL pro complete’s?
    This complete was the ideal set up for myself and I’m wanting to get back upon my steed.


  53. hi, i got a martinez pro 2014 a couple of months ago but i have already bent the rear axle clipping a rail on the way up. i need to get replacements for it and dont know were to go. just started riding after a 3 year break and the complete seemed to be the best way to go for now and it is a sick bike. just dont want to have to buy new wheels just yet, just an axle or two

    • Hey man, sorry to hear that, if you go back to the shop or mail order where you bought the bike they will be able to get one in for you. Any other problems please let me know!

      • cheers also, do u know if i can buy any other axles to fit. i got the bike from evans and i do not have much faith in them as they messed me about alot. eg a titainium axle, there are a few out there, i jus dont trust my bike shop and there isnt a decent one near me. i cant even order pegs from evans without them getting it wrong

        • Hey Tim,

          Sorry to hear that. I am not sure if other axles will work, and do not know of any Titanium axles fitting. I have your e-mail from this comment, I will have Josh in our warranty dept contact you about getting a replacement axle sorted.

  54. What size is seat clamp bolt for the untied supreme su2 2012 because i have got that bike and i have rounded the bolt and i need to buy a spare one as a replacement… thanks (:

    • Hi there, if you go back to the shop or mail order where you bought the bike they should be able to get you a replacement bolt, if not they can get one from us as a replacement!

  55. Hi all,
    My name is Keith and I am a project worker for the charity Project Freedom Trust. We run a Mobile Skate park in deprived areas and promote healthy lifestyles. A shop gave me one of your banners which we use on our skate park. The children constantly ask for stickers for their bikes, scooters or helmets. As a charity, we rely heavily on donations and hope that you can help by supplying stickers and banners for promotional use. Our website is:
    Our Address is Ramp Riders
    15-17 Bridge Street
    WA12 9BE
    I can send some resent photos showing one of your banners put to good use. Thank you for considering such.
    Keith (Ramp Riders)

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for the support!

      right now on the front the best options are S&M Cymbal and G-Sport GLAND. for the rear United Squad, S&M Cymbal or the FBM guard.

    • Hi Ajay,

      Thanks for getting in touch, there is some interesting stuff on there for sure! we don’t have anything currently, but we do sometimes need drawings done for various freelance projects, so i will keep your info down on file and get in touch should anything come up.

    • Hi Florent,

      Here you go!

      75° head tube angle
      Improved clearance for 2.4″ tyres
      100% seamless Japanese 4130 cromo construction
      Top and down tube gussets
      Down tube gusset with de-bossed United logo
      Engraved head tube logo
      Invest cast seat clamp
      Higher stander height
      Wider junction at bb for improved strength
      New dropout shape with improved peg fit
      Heat treated head tube, bb & dropouts
      Beefed up straight gauge & butted tube set
      Dropouts ‘flattened’ on inside for running hub guards when wheel is slammed
      All new graphics
      Gloss Black, Trans Red & Trans Blue

      Top Tube 20.75, 21, 21.25 & 21.5 in
      Chain Stay Length 13.75 in to centre (13.55 in slammed)
      Head Tube Angle 75°
      Seat Tube Angle 71°
      BB Height 11.6 in
      Standover Height 9 in (centre bb to centre tt)
      Weight 5.1 lbs / 2.31 kg (21)

    • Hi there, we can usually tell by looking at it and the overall design. Also there are serial numbers underneath the BB, there are quite a lot of differences from design, to geometry and materials!!

  56. Hello! im looking to purchase a KL40 Expert. In the description of the bike it says something about peg-less park and street riding. I was wondering if i could put pegs on it if i wanted to.

    • Hi there, you can use pegs on it, but the hubs are really designed for pegless riding, it is mainly the rear as it is a female cassette. So any issues on the hub arising from peg use would void the warranty on that part.

  57. Hi,
    We are about to buy our 4 yr old a bike, he is able to peddle and uses his balance bike regularly in the local skate park. We want to transfer his skills on the balance bike to peddle bike. We are struggling to find a bike that will suit him and have been told you have some good stuff coming out in July is this true and can I have some info about it.
    Thank you

  58. Hey guys at united! My united beacon v2 got stolen awhile back but I just actually found it and got it back. They took off the original stickers that came on the frame. The yellow ones that say united beacon. I’ve looked all overin bike shops for them and I can find them. Is there any possible way I can get them directly from you guys? Thank you

  59. hi, i have just orderd a united parts kit, the rear supreme wheel comes with a male axle. can i buy a female axle and fit it? i’ve looked on a few sites but can’t find any :-/

  60. Hey guys i was curious about the Martinez complete pro frame its really hard to find a frame in that specs and would really like to purchase it but i was wondering if you guys are making it in a frame only with the same specs just with a long top tube?

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately this frame won’t be available on its own but you can compare the specs to our other aftermarket frames and see what frame would suit you best.

  61. Hi I was wondering if I could get some united mothership stickers I really really want some

    Dillon McGregor

    • Hey there,

      If you visit the distributor page of our website and contact the distributor for the country in which you live, they will let you know their policy on sending out free stickers.

      We do not send out free stickers direct from here, it is up to the distributor of each country to decide, some will send stickers out for free, some will require a charge and self addressed envelope.

      Hope this helps.

  62. Hi There,

    Can you provide at least a rough sizing chart for the 4 TT sizes of the new Mothership v3 as relates to a rider’s height?

    I’m about 5’9 1/2″ and don’t have a long torso or particularly long arms- which TT size would you recommend?

    If possible… I’d like the info from you and NOT the local bikeshops, the “dealers” or Dan’s… these guys are nice enough, but they’re order takers, know next to nothing about any of this and are the last place I’d think of asking questions. Whether or not they’re obligated to know or be trained as dealers is a different discussion… but as a practical matter… they don’t know or don’t want to know- these places are kit-bike oriented and, at most, are used to taking a pre-assembled bike out of a box, adding pedals, turning the handlebars 90 degrees and tightening them… and then charging $60-$80 dollars and then calling themselves a pro shop. They do not know what consulting is and think that’s my job and that I should write the manufacturer. So that’s what it’s come to. Not kidding… globalization and mass distribution have killed the custom bike movement as a craft that local bike shops know or practice. So please… give me some useful info on sizing for the new Mothership v3 as relates to a rider’s height.


    Randall Frank, Ithaca, NY USA

    • Hi Randall,

      Thanks for getting in contact.

      As you are around 5’9 I would reccomend around a 20.5 or 20.8″ depending on what you prefer. as you have a short torso the 20.5″ will probably be most suited to your height.


  63. I bought a mother ship frame and parts package from you 2 years ago and was extremely pleased,
    unfortunately my rear hub has finally stripped out at the lock nut so i cant tighten it down all the way, so my main question is, is there a way i can order a new axle or a similar one that would work from you guys if at all possible, going to school and i don’t exactly have the money for a complete rear hub as of right now, hope to hear from back from you soon

    • Hi Alex,

      thanks for your message.

      Unfortunately we don’t have any replacement axles for these bikes anymore as they are an older discontinued model.

      As the bike is 2 years old I recommend upgrading the rear hub as over time your current bearings & driver will start to wear and you will need to replace these also.

      I recommend the Supreme rear hub as this is solid simple and very well priced.


  64. Hi
    Sorry I had the wrong email on the previous message
    I see that that there has been a redesign of the dropouts on the DINERO V2 FORKS, it looks like there may have been issues with some hub guards not fitting properly. I have a Vandero hub with BSD guards and I am concerned they will not fit. I need forks wright away so I cannot wait for THE v2’s. Can you tell me if these will fit?
    Thanks For your help Danny

    • Hi Danny,

      Your hub guard should fit as long as you run the wheel a little lower in the forks to make sure you have the clearance.

      It may fit fine without moving the wheel down its just a matter of trying first.


  65. Hi, I´m from Argentina and wanna get an axis of rear hub (supreme su2 2012)need just a fixed kit, not a hole hub. May I now where to buy it by internet? thanks

    • Hi,

      As this is an old model bike we don’t have any replacement axles available.

      As the bike is now quite old it would be worth upgrading the whole rear hub.


  66. Hey there, I’m panting my Mothershipv2 Frame and I want the original stickers for it again. Is it possible to get a new set and for how much?


    • Hi,

      The 2.4 direct tyre in white will be available worldwide in around 1-2 weeks, please contact your local BMX store or mail-order and see when they are to receive them.

  67. I had a question on the width of the 2015 united supreme fa front hub I’m getting one and was wondering, trying to find a hub guard to fit so, I can protect my invest me

    • Hi Josh, The Cinema zx front hub guard works on this front hub, also you would be looking at a 21″ – 21.5″ TT as you are quite tall this would be best suited to you.

      As for the free coaster hub, the hub on the bike is Male axle and the hub separately is a female axle.


  68. Sorry one more question on the united Martinez expert free coaster it the free coaster the female i see on your site or regular? Jw thanks for your help

    • Hi David,

      We no longer have the 2012 decals available unfortunately.

      You can find assorted United sticker packs still available that you could use on your seat tube.


  69. I just got the united expert freecoaster complete and was wondering how to adjust the slack can you help me out thank you

  70. Hi, I just ordered some 990 brake mounts for my United voyage V1 and the piece where the actual brake mounts won’t screw in. Please get back to me. Thanks!

  71. Hi I just want to know, I got a united Rigal frame and I’ve had it for about 2 months now and it already has a dent in it. my friend says that the Rigal frames are dent proof? Is that true? Thanks. And by the way I’m loving the frame!

    • Hi Reece,

      Thanks for you message.

      No frame is dent proof, some frames are more dent resistant than others whether it has ovalised tubing or gussets etc.

      As long as the dent isn’t too big or isn’t causing the tubing to bend then your frame is still structually fine to ride.


  72. Hi, i was wondering what size the BB is on the KL40 Pro 2013 because i want to buy a new BB but dont know the size.

    • Hi Xavier,

      Please contact the store you purchased these cranks from and they can go back to the distro and we can look at what we can do.

      If these were damaged because of incorrect installation we can’t offer you warranty on them but we should be able to do something for you.


  73. Hey guys,

    Have a mothership V1 or V2 frame (the orange one with bomb stickers) i’ve had for a few years, have been away from bmx for a while and just getting back into it. My frames seen some good use, dinged and cracked and i’m looking to replace it. It’s been the best feeling frame i’ve ever ridden. Trouble is its been so long i can’t remember the specs on it to compare new frames and google only seems to find the specs. Was hoping you could email me the specs on it so i can compare?

  74. Hey, i have a united etnies su2 2012 . I have just snapped my seat post off by complete accident , i have noticed tht not your average seat clamp will do. What will i do ?? :) Thanks

    • Hi Andrew,

      A regular seat clamp will work on this bike, if it’s your seat post that has snapped then you will have to replace this but you will need just a regular pivotal 24.4mm seat post


      • Thank you vey much it’s just i have tried to fit a regular one on and it will not fit as the seat clamp is angled?

        • Hey Andrew,

          Please take your bike to your local bike shop and they will be able to sort the issue out, it sounds as though you may have bought the wrong size seat post which the bike shop can check for you.


  75. I’m looking at the Recruit Junior for a just turning 7 year old. I don’t see much difference in the geometry between the 18″ top tube and 20″ top tube models. Is one more suitable for a certain height? I put him on my old BMX with 20.75″ top tube and 170mm cranks and it was too stretched out for him, so this seemed like a good option. I live in Omaha and can’t find anybody that has these available to try.

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for your message.

      The difference in these 2 bikes is the frame geometry and bar size, The Jr 18.5 would be best for your son as like you mentioned a 20″ may just be too big for him at the moment.

      You can check with our US distro –

      Contact them and they can track down your closest dealer.


  76. HI there, Great kids bikes,

    We have some 5 year old twin boys who have been riding 12 ” bikes but look like they are ready for something slightly bigger now. They are still too small for their brother`s 16″ inch bike. Do you by any chance make a custom 14 ” ? – if so how much would it be approximately?

    Thanks Steve

    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the message.

      We currently only do the 12 & 16″ and there currently isn’t plans to make a 14″

      A 16″ with bar and seat adjustments could work for a small period of time while they grow into the bike?


  77. Hi –

    Trying to figure out which bike to get my keen daughter!

    She’s 8 years old, 130cm (4 1/4 feet). Initially spotted the Supreme 18, but you say it’s for 3.5 to 4.5 feet – so really, by the end of summer, she’d outgrow it!

    What do you recommend? 130cm tall, 30cm inside leg.

    Cheers and many thanks!


  78. Hi,
    I would like to buy UNITED RECRUIT JR 18.5 bike , but distributor in my country (Czech Republic) doesn´t offer this model this year. What should I u do?
    Thanks Eda

  79. Hi , I was just wondering if I raw out my United voyage frame will it have the darker weld marks like most raw aftermarket frames come like if you buy it raw? Thanks

    • Hi Jordan,

      It depends how you remove the paint, if you use paint stripper and leave the paint to dissolve and then rub it off with a cloth then you should have the raw weld marks but if you use sandpaper then this will rub away the weld marks and it will end up with a raw polished metal look.


  80. Will you guys be coming out with the dinero frame in gray again? If not, is there a way I can special order the frame gray? Thanks.

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately we won’t be getting the grey finish again in this frame and we can’t offer a custom colour service but keep an eye out in the future as we may do something similar in this finish.


  81. Hello,

    What is the difference in weight/strength of the wheelset for the 2014 Recruit 16 and the 2015 Supreme 16? 2014 has 28/32, 2015 Supreme with 20/20 I think.

    Looks like other parts are similar except longer cranks (140) on the 2014. The non-Supreme 16 Recruit looks like lower grade forks and cranks.

    My kid is partial to orange (2014), but don’t want him to miss out the better wheels of the 2015 Supreme just for color.

    Thank You

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for your message.

      There isn’t many differences from the 2 years, the range changed slightly on the 2015 bikes so they are almost the same bike. the wheels were changed to make them slightly lighter and also fewer spokes didn’t make any difference to the strength especially with it being a 16″

      The frame/forks are the same and also the cranks are too just the 2015 had an added logo.

      Depending where you purchase your bike from you may struggle to find the 2014 Orange bike as it is technically discontinued now due to the 2015 bikes being released.


  82. hey i waswondering what size forks i would need for the 2014 united recruit x etnies bike just wondering what size 3/8″ 14mm or 20mm and where i could buy some aftermarket forks of the same size

    • Hi Justin,

      You will need 20″ forks which is the most common size but the dropout size you will need is 3/8″ or 10mm.

      All of our aftermarket United forks will work on your bike.


  83. I bought a United Mothership v2 a little over a year ago and it is still in great shape. However, all of the Mothership stickers have completely come off. Is there any way I could receive replacement stickers?

  84. Hello, so I’ve just fell in love with and got hold of one of your Regal frames, trouble is it had none of of the break stuff with it. Question, where & how do I get hold of it?

  85. Hi i stripped my united dinero compression bolt where the allen key goes and i was wondering if thats something is have to buy or if you guys can do me the favor of sending me one.
    -thank you

  86. Does the 21.2″ Dinero frame have the same chain stay length as the 20.8″ version? 13.25 to centre / 12.9 in slammed…… Thanks

  87. Hi, I purchased a united etnies recruit around Christmas and I have been having problems with my spokes and rim. My spokes have broken at least 6 times and I hate having to replace them and getting it laced and trued over and over. I was wondering I’f you guys could do anything about it. Even when I have new spokes and a brand new true on my wheel it doesn’t stay true after riding it for about a week.I don’t do much on it besides 180s. I have gone to various bike shops to getit true, all the same results after a week. Its a good bike besides the rim trouble!

    • Hi Joey,

      The rims on these bikes are a single walled rim so as your riding ability gets higher the products you are using won’t last as long as when you first started riding.

      I recommend buying an aftermarket rim which will be made from a stronger alloy and also be double walled for added strength and then you shouldn’t have any problems.

      Also if you are snapping spokes it may be because of grinding so a hub guard could also help you out. The United Squad guard will fit on the hub.


  88. Hi United, I really like stock sprocket design that my bike came with, I know you do 6mm version of it but I would like it thicker. Is there anyway you can send me a thicker stock sprocket on its own and I’m not a brat so of course I’ll pay and all that. Cheers :)

  89. Hi guys, my 5yr old son has The 2014 recruit 16″, unfortunately one of the padels has crack in half in first month of using the bike. Where can I get the replacement one. I’m located in Ireland.
    Thanks for help !

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for the message.

      We don’t currently have replacements but if you go to your local bike store they will be able to get a junior sized pedal for this bike.


  90. Hi, On my united recruit 2011 the rear cartridge bearing has collapsed, Do you know where I could get one? If not could you tell me the bearing number?

    • Hi George,

      Thanks for the email, Unfortunately we don’t have these details as this bike model is nearly 5 years old.

      If you can get the bearing code from the bearing seal on other side then this will be the same code for the bearing that you need and order a replacement from a local or online bearing store.


  91. Hi, does the 2015 martinez expert complete bike come with brakes? And how do you weigh the bike, do you weigh with brakes and pegs, just brakes, just pegs ect.. And does it come with pegs?
    Thanks for your time..

        • There will be no more of these bikes coming into stock as we have now updated this colour to the matt grey.

          You should be able to track one down from a United distributor or BMX shop / mail-order store.


          • I have called every United distributor bike shop within 500 miles of Denver Colorado, and nobody has one or can get one. Who can I call in America that may still have one available. I can only find them in the UK with a $100 shipping charge.


          • Hi Jason,

            It looks like these have all sold now in the US. There is one available at in Canada but the costs will be higher.

            Please contact and they can go through what bikes they will have available for you before March, the Recruit JR18.5″ will be available in Black or Matt grey.


  92. Hey i was thinking of buys a united g-slat frame in 21.50 and i want it to be perfect so the question is do you guys do custom colors on frames i was thinking a Dark Trans Blue; Thank you

  93. I was wondering if I could direct order a wheel from you guys, I work at a bike shop in california and my distributor, *the building distribution* hasn’t had it in stock for months and it now looks like they don’t carry it anymore. If you could help me locate a supreme chrome front wheel it would be greatly appreciated.Zach

    • Hi Zach,

      Thanks for your message. Unfortunately the only wheels available are in black only and we don’t have a date for when we will be getting the chrome ones back in stock.


  94. My kid is moving up from a 16” alum frame thats only 17lb so I’m trying to keep his next bike light — your 18″ supreme weighs in around 20.5lbs it looks like. The 18 supreme is the lightest freestyle/street bike I could find that size. He’s like 57lbs and 49 inches — 18” sounds about right – yeah? He learned on dirt pump, and is now doing street/park, and indoor parks as well. Let us know if the 18″ supreme sounds like a good fit. Also is trans green the only color this comes in?

    • Hi Chris,

      By the sound of it you have done your research and you are correct, the 18″ will be the ideal bike for your son.

      Right now the trans green is the only colour the bike is available in.


  95. I think i should rephrase everything I just said. Sorry, that was confusing

    1. Is the 2014 slattery frame the g-slat, and how long are they going to be in production for?

    2. Is the slattery frame being redone for the 2015 season?

    3. What’s up with the trail frame? the frames come with brake hardware?

    4.when do the 2015 frames drop?

    • Hi Kyle,

      1. Correct, the G-Slat is the current signature frame for Geoff Slattery, it’s also a new frame so will be in production for quite a while.
      2. We will have a new colour come out this year but there will be no spec or graphic changes.
      3. The Trail frame will be available worldwide in around a months time, there will be more info on this very soon.
      4. None of our frames come with brake hardware but you can buy this separately when you purchase the frame.
      5. Our United frames don’t actually have model years like complete bikes do, sometimes new colours arrive which delivery can vary throughout the year.


  96. Hi there,

    We are an Indoor Skate park in Norwich, Norfolk, and are curious as to if you’re team are available to hire for a day? Maybe for a tour stop or just a one off? If you could get back to me with an answer asap, we can talk about dates and prices sooner.

    Here’s a link to our skate park..


  97. Hey just wanted to say i love your bikes, they are so rad but i purchased your united recruit 12″purple bmx through a local bmx supplier, this was for my at the time two year old (who can ride without training wheels) third birthday in october 2014. Since picking it up and giving it to him in october, we have found it is really small. My boy is tall but not taller than any 4-6 year old i know. I understand the style of bike is low to the ground but we now have to buy another new bike for him and we paid $400 for this one. I highly doubt we will be able to sell it for the price we paid. Maybe you guys should change the recommended age for this bike. The bike shop told me once it was bought, assembled and taken home we couldn’t send it back to you guys. Im just bummed cause i wanted to get him a really good bike as he loves bmx and is amazing for his age on the ramps but now i wont be able to afford another amazing bike if this one doesn’t sell.

    • Hi Erin,

      Thanks for your message & sorry to hear the problems you are having.

      12″ BMX bikes are slightly smaller than 12″ children’s bikes due to the geometry of the bikes and what they are used for etc.

      Have you adjusted the seat & handlebars for your son? This can really increase the leg room along with moving the bars slightly forward.

      This is the first we have heard regarding the sizing of the bikes so we may look into future bikes to change the ageing if we hear anymore issues.


      • Hey, so i have adjusted the handlebars and the seat and it looks like he will fit it for a bit longer. Thanks for the advice and taking my criticism so well. Love your products and will be continuing to use them in the future.

  98. I have scratch my 2014 kl40 frame and looking to get it resprayed but I can’t find stickers like the ones that are on it now to put back on when it’s done could yiu help me please

  99. Hi,

    I have RHD odyssey thunderbolt cranks without the socket drive system.

    I was wondering if i can use the machinez spline sprocket on the non drive side of these cranks safely.



    • Hi Thomas,

      Without the socket drive thunderbolt cranks you won’t be able to run the Machinez sprocket unfortunately.

      The Machinez Sprocket does come with the adaptors so that you can run it with other splines cranks.


  100. Hi my name is jacob dixon I had a question about my forks I have a crack on a weld what can be done if anything about it

  101. Are the rear hubs on the base model Martinez completes able to be flipped to LHD as well? Or is it just the pro model that’s capable of that?

  102. Hi there,

    My next door neighbour sold me his BMX November last year as he never used it, he didn’t really give me any spec on the bike but I know that all the parts are original and it has had no upgrades, I am not even sure if he ever used it!! Anyway I have the frame number if you can shed any light on year of production, bike name and general spec if you have one.

    Frame stamp is CHO576 21-00 2012UT0179

    are the axels different sizes 10mm and 14mm also what size gyro can I fit to this?

    Regards Bob

  103. Hey,
    Just wondering what bike would be better to ride?
    United recruit 2014 or the United kl40… I ride street/park if that makes any difference

    • Hi Brayden,

      The KL40 is a higher spec bike so is the better bike but the KL40 does have a front dirt tyre so I would recommend changing this over to use on street and park.


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