Tom Sanders Bike Check


       Name: Tom Sanders Age: 26 Hometown: Hull Yorkshire, but I’ve been living in London just under 2yrs. Sponsors: United Bike Co & Antidote Brand Any modifications? Nah every things pretty much as it comes apart from taking a couple of inches off the bars… Favourite part? New Region frame & OG Jump Off Stem Oldest part? Animal Jump Off Stem. 10yrs strong Newest part? The Inner-tube I’ve…continue…

Corey and Nathan – Dans Comp Roll Call

corey nathan dans

Dans Comp just uploaded Corey Martinez and Nathan Williams’ split sections  from the Dan’s Comp Roll Call DVD.  Corey is up with with his Alabama brother from a different Mother, Seth Kimbrough and Nathan shares some more heavy heavy screen time with the awesome Dakota Roche. Filmed and produced by Stew Johnson. Tweet

United Promo

united promo nathan fade crop

United Promo from Channel 4Down on Vimeo. Just over 12 months ago we embarked upon our biggest full-length video project since This is United. We started filming late 2013 with a trip to Malaga and we’ve been on the road pretty much non-stop since.  As you’d expect there’s a ton of heavy footage already in the bank but meantime, and seeing as we’re almost at the halfway point, we thought we’d bring…continue…

Re-Post: This Is United Timeline Video

THIS IS_UNITED_VIDEO_clipreference

DIG just reminded us of this gem via their regular weekly video vault. It was an exclusive we ran with them back in 2013 to coincide with their Video issue. Here’s what we had to say at the time….. “This is a timeline made in November 2009 whilst we were shooting for the This Is United DVD. It was shown to everyone involved in the project so they could keep track of how much…continue…