Louis Robinson Bike Check


Name: Louis Robinson Age: 20 Hometown: Mossley, UK Sponsors: United through Foundation BMX Shop, 4Down           FRAME: United Dinero 20.8 FORK: Dinero v2 BARS: United Mothership xxl 9.1 rise bars STEM: United Metro stem GRIPS: United G-Slat CRANKS: United Nash 170mm SPROCKET: United Super 8 PEDALS: United Valentino SEAT: United Tripod SEAT POST: United Tripod  REAR HUB: Primo Remix FRONT HUB: Primo N4 RIMS: United Supreme PEGS:…continue…

Freddie Househam Welcome & Bike Check


We just added southern UK trail roaster Freddie Househam to our United World Team via Premier BMX store so here’s a look at what’s he’s currently riding. Find out lot’s more about him and see few more riding photos over on his team page. Welcome to the team! FRAME: United TRU trail frame prototype (Taiwanese one) FORK: United Dinero BARS: S&M Credence STEM: S&M Credence GRIPS: Bicycle union Fingerprint CRANKS: United Nash SPROCKET: Profile…continue…

Tyson Jones Peni TRU Bike Check


United world team rider Tyson Jones Peni came through with this bike check on his new United TRU trail frame over on the Backbone BMX site. Hit the link to see this in more detail and some serious roast shot by Brendan Boeck. And… we’ll be telling you a lot more about that frame very soon too. Sit tight for that one. Tweet

Christian Rigal Bike Check

Bike Check: Christian Rigal

Ride US just ran with this Christian Rigal bike check featuring his dope looking (soon to be released) trans gold colour way signature Rigal frame along with his new XL 9.1″ Rigal bars and United Dinero forks. The bars and the fame will be available in July. Don’t forget to check Christian’s team page right here too. Tweet

Denis Pavlov Bike Check


Take a closer look at United World Team rider Denis Pavlov’s Dinero setup right here. Big thanks as always to the good crew at hellride.ru for hooking this up! Frame: United Dinero 20.8” TT Fork: United Dinero Bar: Eclat Dive Grips: United Jimmy Grips Bar-ends:  United  Stem: Eclat Sean Burns Seat: Eclat OZ Fat Seat Post: Eclat Torch Cranks: Eclat ONYX 2014/24mm Sprocket: Eclat Solar Pedals: Odyssey Twisted Chain: Shadow Conspiracy FrontHub: Code Blood…continue…